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US-2016181615-A1: Solid-State Batteries with Improved Performance and Reduced Manufacturing Costs and Methods for Forming the Same patent, US-2016248145-A1: Compact wireless antennae mounting with electrostatic discharge protection patent, US-2016287148-A1: Device for measuring biological fluids patent, US-2015179891-A1: Light emitting device patent, US-2016168775-A1: Washing machine motor and washing machine comprising same patent, US-2016269296-A1: Arranging media access control protocol data units in a wireless transmission patent, US-2017077083-A1: Electrostatic discharge (esd) robust transistors and related methods patent, US-2015330336-A1: Valve with two flaps placed serially and actuated by a common motor patent, US-2016034420-A1: Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units patent, US-2017271119-A1: Composite charged particle beam apparatus patent, US-2016237582-A1: Nickel solution for forming film and film-forming method using same patent, US-2016033573-A1: Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port patent, US-2015034713-A1: Bar code reader for a medical device patent, US-2015090150-A1: Valve interlock systems for use with railcars patent, US-2015264614-A1: Roaming Techniques for High Speed Client Device patent, US-2016227842-A1: Electronic cigarette patent, US-2017178301-A1: Single Image Rectification patent, US-2016374203-A1: Printed circuit board via fuse patent, US-2015107501-A1: Scraper with wings for disc furrow opener patent, US-2016319752-A1: One Safety Control Device for Petrol Post Hole Digger patent, US-2015363052-A1: Method for selecting an item in a list patent, US-2015323381-A1: Arrangement and method for determining the spatial direction of radiation incidence patent, US-2015338671-A1: Display device and terminal device patent, US-2015090478-A1: Silver thick film paste hermetically sealed by surface thin film multilayer patent, US-2016083957-A1: Method for constructing cylindrical tank patent, US-2015068396-A1: System and methods for removing contaminants from gas effluents patent, US-2015366409-A1: Bathing area accessories patent, US-2016031826-A1: Substituted Heterocyclic Compounds for Treating or Preventing Viral Infections patent, US-2016258600-A1: Bulb with adjustable dispersal of light patent, US-2017072388-A1: Metal-Loaded Zeolite Catalysts for the Halogen-Free Conversion of Dimethyl Ether to Methyl Acetate patent, US-2017115026-A1: Recuperator, the Heat-Exchanging Channels of which Extend Transversely of the Main Flow Direction patent, US-2017119175-A1: Product management display system patent, US-2017123930-A1: Expander device and method for data communication within inter-integrated (i2c) system patent, US-2017130774-A1: Bearing arrangement and a bearing cage patent, US-2017175338-A1: Flushable Fibrous Structures patent, US-2017184586-A1: An immunoassay test apparatus patent, US-2017229287-A1: Oxide etch selectivity systems and methods patent, US-2017232028-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions comprising three antibiotics patent, US-2017240166-A1: Vehicle pump condition response method and assembly patent, US-2017318576-A1: Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor patent, US-2017332296-A1: Methods and network nodes for reuse of epc session between 3gpp and wlan patent, US-2017340665-A1: Nanoparticles and their use in cancer therapy patent, US-2017341298-A1: Method and apparatus for manufacturing structure patent, US-2017351616-A1: System and Method for Sleeping States Using Non-Volatile Memory Components patent, US-2018000446-A1: Needle trajectory prediction for target biopsy patent, US-2018013330-A1: Electrically Powered Generator patent, US-2015236106-A1: Method for creating self-aligned transistor contacts patent, US-2015380331-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2016002524-A1: Photochromic curable composition, cured product thereof and laminate including the cured product patent, US-2017357013-A1: Detector and method for detecting ionizing radiation patent, US-2016266856-A1: Communication Device Communicating Target Data With External Device According To Near Field Communication patent, US-2016297612-A1: Parts supply apparatus, parts supply method and robot system patent, US-2016334643-A1: Chromatic aberration correction lens systems and methods patent, US-2016381650-A1: Power control method and apparatus patent, US-2017114972-A1: Hybrid light redirecting and light diffusing constructions patent, US-2017085328-A1: Multichannel content distribution via satellite to broadcast-capable mobile networks patent, US-2017000851-A1: Ptd-smad7 therapeutics patent, US-2017172882-A1: Fashionable copper shades in a nonionic base patent, US-2017089498-A1: Gasket patent, US-2017034703-A1: Wifi access management system and methods of operation thereof patent, US-2015068568-A1: Opening spring for multiple fold automatic open-close unbrella patent, US-2016331709-A1: Balancing an Unbalanced Sympathetic Nervous System patent, US-2016135071-A1: Handling signal quality measurements in a wireless communication network patent, US-2016061498-A1: Axial valve with stationary element patent, US-2015047842-A1: Tubulars and methods for delivery of chemical in a well patent, US-2015052647-P1: Chamelaucium plant named 'mars' patent, US-2015061599-A1: Portable electronic apparatus patent, US-2015069105-A1: Multi-mode carrier for installing shingles patent, US-2015079812-A9: Zero no-load usb power supply and a method for controlling the power consumption of a usb power supply patent, US-2015090258-A1: Ventilator-initiated prompt or setting regarding detection of asynchrony during ventilation patent, US-2015102764-A1: Wireless charging methods and systems for game controllers, based on pocket-forming patent, US-2015105204-A1: Power transmission apparatus for vehicle patent, US-2015115624-A1: Rim Exit Device With Split Latch patent, US-2015146127-A1: Array substrate, liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display patent, US-2015147559-A1: Method for producing fibers having optical effect-producing nanostructures patent, US-2015165344-A1: Filter Element and Filter Device patent, US-2015178796-A1: Profile Based Rating Method and System patent, US-2015208683-A1: Edible water-in-oil emulsion and a process for preparing such emulsion patent, US-2015209996-A1: Pet containers with enhanced thermal properties and process for making same patent, US-2015211152-A1: Method of making ceramic nanofibers patent, US-2015218113-A1: Method for producing 1,4-benzoxazine compound patent, US-2015230989-A1: External Ear Canal Pressure Regulation System patent, US-2015237179-A1: Backward looking robust header compression receiver patent, US-2015242862-A1: License and certification compliance management system and method patent, US-2015245952-A1: Method of fabricating a folded core absorbent article patent, US-2015262228-A1: Operating system based event verification patent, US-2015266059-A1: Ultrasonic probe patent, US-2015273822-A1: Printing apparatus and leakage detection method of the same patent, US-2015277946-A1: Dispatching multiple threads in a computer patent, US-2015284887-A1: Concealment devices for fashion accessory closures patent, US-2015291996-A1: Methods and reagents for glycoproteomics patent, US-2015300968-A1: Device and Methods for Analysis of Biomolecule Structure, Dynamics and Activity patent, US-2015311777-A1: Bidirectional Two-Base Bipolar Junction Transistor Devices, Operation, Circuits, and Systems with Collector-Side Base Driven, Diode-Mode Turn-On, Double Base Short at Initial Turn-Off, and Two Base Junctions Clamped By Default patent, US-2015315049-A1: Nitrogen-containing compounds for bacterial control in water based fluids patent, US-2015315452-A1: Methods of making monoester-based drilling fluids patent, US-2015315783-A1: Soundproof room patent, US-2015319543-A1: Binaurally coordinated compression system patent, US-2015321051-A1: Stability Platform patent, US-2015327696-A1: Combination Fitted and Top Sheet Bedding Device patent, US-2015333644-A1: Apparatus and method for design of high voltage direct current transmission system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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